Useful Links

Here are some useful links for betting.

Live Scores

Flash Score – my favourite. App shows odds and stats for most games.

Sofa Score another great app. Has pressure graphs and live chat. Its quite funny at times but mainly just people wanting a goal or the game to end.

In running statistics

Statistics Sport – gives you all the in-running stats from the exact same place as Bet365 get it. All in one handy table.

Odds Comparison

Oddschecker – the best odds comparison site for most. Blue are steamers and pink are drifters. Very important to see which way the market is going.

Oddsportal – another great odds comparison site. Has many more bookies but if you are going to bet for a living, you are going to have to go to the Asian Bookie or Exchange so number of bookies not that relevant.


There are 4 main betting exchanges

Betfair – the first and best one.

Smarkets – a good contender. Be thankful for them forcing Betfair to change their commission model.

BetDaq – not really used but have some offers.

Matchbook Can be found on some Asian broker sites. Spreads arenn’t as tight as Betfair so I don’t use directly.


Bet365 – the best sportsbook. Shame they will limit you if you win too much but its a good one to have for fun. I still use them even though I’m limited.

Asian Brokers

Vodds range of Asian bookies including Pinnacle, Matchbook and Betfair.

Sportmarket – Mollybet Asian broker. Has matchbook exchange on it.

Premium Tradings – another Mollybet Asian Broker with high limits.

Asianconnect88 The place to get your Asianodd88 account.

BetinAsia – I’ve not got an account but appears to have most exchanges. Betfair, BetDaq and Matchbook.


Business of Betting – really good podcast focusing on the business of betting. Some great interviews with professional gamblers.

Other Betting Podcasts Podcasts come and go so rather than list, best off just searching for recent ones.


Infogol – great site about xG. Generates value bets automatically. Used to have a great podcast too but seemed to have stopped.

538 – Models major European leagues.

Sub Reddits

Soccer betting – some decent picks in the daily thread.

Sportsbook – look at bet of the day and they have a very active discord server.


Lots of Telegram betting groups. Most are just noise.

Value odds club is good though, website is here

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