Books on Betting

Here is a list of books on betting. I have read most of them and its help me think about betting more scientifically.

The Logic Of Sports Betting

How do sportsbooks make their lines? Which types of bets are the best? Can you beat the house?

The Logic Of Sports Betting answers all these questions and more with a dash of humor and a whole lot of real talk about how it all works. Peek behind the counter and learn how sportsbooks operate. Combine that insider knowledge with why-didn’t-I-think-of-that sports betting logic, and you have the winning formula.

Ed Miller is a best-selling (over 300,000 copies sold) author of books on poker and gambling. This is his first book on sports betting, but maybe his favorite book to write so far.

Matthew Davidow is a sports modeler, using proprietary methods to beat major sports betting markets for over 15 years, and co-founding two leading private sports analytics firms along the way.

What people are saying about The Logic Of Sports Betting:

“Matt and Ed are two of the smartest minds in sports betting.” – Rufus Peabody, professional sports bettor

“As a sportsbook employee for 30-plus years, I find it difficult to read or watch anything about sports betting. But I could not put The Logic Of Sports Betting down. It’s that good.” – Robert Walker, Las Vegas bookmaker

Sports Betting For Dummies Paperback

Sports betting combines America’s national pastime (sports) with its national passion (gambling). In the U.S., more than a third of the population bets on at least one sporting event every year. With the recent lifting of the federal ban on sports gambling, states are pushing legislation to take advantage of the new potential source of revenue.

The best sports betting books are data driven, statistically honest, and offer ways to take action. Sports Betting For Dummies will cover the basics, as well as delving into more nuanced topics. You’ll find all the need-to-know information on types of bets, statistics, handicapping fundamentals, and more.

Betting on football, basketball, baseball, and other sports
Betting on special events, such as the Superbowl or the Olympics
Money management
Betting on the internet
With handy tips, tricks, and tools, Sports Betting For Dummies shows you how to place the right bet at the right time—to get the right payoff.

Squares & Sharps, Suckers & Sharks: The Science, Psychology & Philosophy of Gambling

People have been gambling, in one form or another, for as long as history itself. Why? Money, entertainment, escape and a desire to win are all traditional explanations. Arguably, however, these are secondary considerations to a higher order purpose: a craving for control. Gambling offers a means of gaining authority over the unknown, granting us a sense of control over uncertainty. Almost always that sense is illusionary, yet for many it is nonetheless profoundly rewarding. This book attempts to explore the reasons why.

Betting for a Living

I’ve not actually read this one but has the same name at this site.

In this book, Nick tells how he succeeded in taking more than £1,000 a month from bookmakers, despite betting almost exclusively on weekends and public holidays. The book details the exact methods he used and explains the precise reasons behind every bet. Reading it, Nick says, ‘won’t turn you into a professional gambler, but it will give you the knowledge to become one.

It might have been possible in 2002 when the book came out but almost 2 decades later I doubt it possible.

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